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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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JTAG Technologies Delivers Pro Test Analysis
Baltimore MD — JTAG Technologies is introducing ProDFT service, an exceptional combination of professional testability analysis and high-value deliverables. ProDFT is backed by the industry's foremost staff of boundary-scan application engineers with over 100 years of combined boundary-scan experience.\par \The ProDFT report equips the user to optimize a board or system design for testability as well as to rapidly prepare the tests using JTAG Technologies' leading ProVision development suite.

Coverage at the pin and net level is defined for comparison with company test benchmarks. If improvement is needed, guidelines provided in the report help assure that DFT objectives are met on the very first design cycle. The result is greater efficiency, quicker time to market, and reduced development cost.

The DFT package includes a full set of verified BSDL files for the boundary-scan devices in the design, a model library for non-boundary-scan devices, a thorough review of the test coverage attainable using boundary-scan, specific recommendations for maximizing the coverage, and a set of design information files ready to be applied to actual test development. Cost of ProDFT service for a printed circuit board is $3,000. Should a ProDFT customer elect to have the actual test preparation performed by JTAG Technologies, $2,000 of the original fee is credited toward the test development.

Bryant Grand, North America Sales Manager for JTAG Technologies, stated "We've provided test analysis and development for as long as we've been in the boundary-scan industry, which we helped create. Now with ProDFT, we can deliver a comprehensive analysis package at an extremely attractive price. This is what the industry needs, and we're pleased to provide it."

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