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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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Asymtek Unveils New Conformal Coating Platform
Conformal coating system.
Carlsbad, CA — Asymtek, a Nordson company, has introduced its next generation conformal coating platform, the Select Coat® SL-940E. With up to 30 percent faster throughput, a vision system, closed-loop process controls, traceability, and advanced integrated software, the new machine provides high quality and increased productivity in a high-speed, high-accuracy coating system. The new coating system provides advanced monitoring to makea it easier to keep the coating process in control. Fluid and air pressures are set and monitored through software-controlled electronic regulators, allowing traceability for these critical parameters. Data logging and automatic adjustments of other parameters such as fan widths, fluid temperatures, and flow rates, further ensure the quality of the coating process.

According to the company, the new, faster motion system of the SL-940E unleashes the performance capability of its SC-104/204 Film Cater applicator, attaining 750mm/sec speed and 1 g peak acceleration. It accommodates product sizes up to 500mm for higher speed and faster cycle times. The welded one-piece structure of the frame enables high acceleration and velocity with up to 2 kg payload. Rotary encoders deliver high levels of positional accuracy for precise coating operations.

The new coating system has a large dispense area of 500 x 475mm (19.7 x 18.7-in.). The enlarged work area enables flexibility during production to add multiple board arrays or to coat large substrates. Programming is made easier with the optional camera and pattern recognition system. The controls for such options as the company's Laser Fan Width Control, Viscosity Control System, Bar Code System, and Flow Monitoring have been fully integrated within the machine for more seamless operation.

A variety of fluid delivery options are available to accommodate a wide array of fluids and applications. These include the heat circulating Viscosity Control System (VCS) and the SC-204 and SC-205 film coater modules, both of which are non-atomizing systems. The Swirl Coat SC-300 applicator is a three-mode swirl system, while the PreciseCoat SC-400 Jet Applicator can be used for high selectivity applications. Because the coating is not sprayed, it doesn't contaminate the camera lens.

The SL-940E system is designed so that downdraft and spill containment are integrated into the new platform. The downdraft ventilation provides an efficient path for volatile organic chemical (VOC) removal. With internal stainless steel surfaces, the system is reportedly easy to clean and resistant to strong agents. The system has been independently tested and certified for compliance with relevant safety standards including SMEMA, CE, NFPA, and SEMI.

For more information, contact: Asymtek, 2762 Loker Ave. W., Carlsbad, CA 92008 800-279-6835 or 760-431-1919 fax: 760-431-2678 E-mail: Web:

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