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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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Manncorp: Specialty Soldering Equipment
Auto Dip lead-free soldering system.
Huntingdon Valley, PA — A new series of low-cost benchtop machines and accessories employing varying techniques to solder or desolder board components has been added to Manncorp's product line. Designed to meet the needs of low to mid-volume PC board assemblers, a key item in the lineup is "Auto Dip," an automatic low-cost lead-free solder dipping machine that processes single boards or pallets up to 19.3 x 12.5-in. (4900 x 3200mm).

Auto-Dip is a low-cost alternative to lead-free soldering for low to mid-volume shops now using hand methods This high-speed lead-free soldering machine is for assemblers who wish to reduce or eliminate labor-intensive hand soldering, but do not have the volume requirements to justify a wave machine. This compact 2 ft. long (630mm) bench-top system is also ideal for those seeking a low-cost entry into lead-free, while maintaining their existing tin/lead production capability.

Auto Dip solders single boards or pallets in just one dip of 2 to 12 seconds' duration. It also has the flexibility to process different-size or shaped PCBs simultaneously without a fixture, permitting a production capacity of several thousand soldered boards in an 8-hour shift.

Alternatively, it will deliver almost instantaneously whenever a smaller quantity for prototyping or quick turn is needed. Its fully adjustable entry and exit angle actually simulates the action of a wave machine in providing complete and even solder coverage no matter how densely populated each board may be.

Pre-setting the automatic heat control to the desired lead-free reflow temperature ranging from 220 to 250°C means that the machine is ready to solder on demand. Once set, start-up and shut-down temperatures and times may be pre-set and recalled

automatically for an entire week — ready with molten solder at the start of each day's shift.

Different-sized boards are easily loaded onto a specially designed ultra-fine needle platform, which retains PCBs without the components being dislodged when dipped into the solder bath, even at a steep angle. Surface tension then "floats" the PC board at correct through-hole wetting height, permitting each board to be evenly soldered with excellent consistency. Activation is controlled by foot pedal or by microprocessor-controlled automatic intervals. Dwell time is also adjustable from 2 to 12 seconds. Before new boards are loaded, a built-in motorized skimmer removes dross as needed.

The unit reportedly approached the throughput of wave solder systems but at far lower cost, It is also cleaner and safer, and with its savings in labor costs in comparison to manual systems, will achieve payback rapidly.

For more information, contact: Manncorp, 1840 County Line Rd., Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 800-749-6266 or 215-364-6100 fax: 215-364-6110 E-mail: Web:

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