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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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AlternativeSMT Adds Feedermaster Options
London, UK — AlternativeSMT has added new options to the Feedermaster® system involving upgraded software and a totally enclosed camera. The software now allows the user full control, including programmable zoom facility, and so has made the calibration routine more repeatable and accurate. The upgrade is of particular interest to Siemens Siplace users for ongoing maintenance and calibration of feeders.

Some electronic feeders, such as the Siemens triple 8mm feeders, need to have each lane independently calibrated. The new software allows each lane to be calibrated at a selectable speed so that the initial calibration can be carried out at a speed that suits the operator and the complete feeder can still be tested at full speed later. This facility becomes increasingly important when smaller components are placed, such as 0402 and 0201 passive case sizes. Users still have the facility to ensure that all feeders calibrated on the machine will run in a production environment.

An optional variable LED Light Ring is also available for users working in low light conditions.

The FeederMaster developments for electric feeders now include motor power monitoring during calibration. If a motor drive is running stiffly because it has become jammed with components, the input motor current will have a higher torque — so measurement and identification of this offers a form of preventive maintenance.

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