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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Vibco Intros Corrosion-Resistant Plating Vibrator
Plating tank vibrator.
Wyoming, RI — Vibco Vibrators is introducing the CE-60 electric vibrator for the plating industry. This is the latest offering in the company's new line of durable, injection-molded plastic housed vibrators. This housing was developed as an alternative to expensive steel and cast-iron housings that can become corroded when exposed to plating chemicals and other corrosive materials.
In addition to the durable, corrosion-resistant housing, the CE-60 plating tank vibrator incorporates stainless steel hardware and is totally enclosed to withstand exposure to plating solutions and their associated fumes.

The vibrator is typically attached to the plating tank's agitator bar frame. Racks holding the circuit boards (or other material to be plated) are suspended from the agitator bar and vibrated. This provides just enough vibration to ensure that all air bubbles are released and a correct, uniform amount of plating material is deposited.

The unit produces up to 100 lbs of centrifugal force at 3600 vibrations per minute. It is designed to run on 115VAC at 50 or 60Hz and draws just 0.3 amps. Equipped with oversized bearings for extra long life, the vibrator is a noiseless unit that can be operated continuously. An alternate model, the SCR-60, is available with an adjustable speed controller.

For more information, contact: Vibco, Inc., 75 Stilson Rd., Wyoming, RI 02898 800-633-0032 fax: 401-539-2584 Web:

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