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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Sullins Releases New Hi-Temp Connectors
Edgecard connectors.
San Marcos, CA — Sullins Electronics has added bi-level edgecard connectors with staggered, dip solder contacts. The parts are the newest members of the company's expanding offering of bi-level components for high-temperature applications, which includes straight and right angle card extenders. They have 0.050-in. (1.27mm) contact center spacing, and are backwards compatible with 0.100-in. (2.54mm) center spacing devices.

The coinnector spacing provides the potential to double the number of contacts within the same space. Their staggered contact configuration notably enhances design flexibility and efficiency, as they can be lined up on a board for virtually limitless connections.

Further, as contacts are dip solderable, "icicles" or ligaments, and other imperfections caused by dripping solder, are eliminated to optimize manufacturing throughput, and speed product time-to-market. Specifically engineered for use on high-density PC boards, the connectors are designed to accommodate the interconnection of 0.062-in. ±0.008-in. daughtercards in communications systems, medical equipment, instrumentation, and automotive R&D. They are most frequently used in backplanes, power supplies, burn-in ovens, and testing systems. To satisfy the demands of severe high-temperature applications, parts are provided with BeCu (beryllium-copper) pins and PPS/PA9T insulators to meet the requirements for operating in the temperature range of -65 to +150°C. Alternatively, connectors are available with phosphor-bronze pins and PPS/PA9T insulators when an operating temperature range of -65 to +125°C is specified.

Offered with from 6 to 100 contact positions, part specs include a single contact current rating of 3 Amps, and a single contact normal force of 0.75N (75 grams). They also have an insulation resistance of 5,000MΩ minimum at 125VDC. The connectors are recognized under the Component Program of UL and C-UL.

For more information, contact: Sullins Electronics, Corp., 801 E. Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069 888-774-3100 fax: 760-744-6081 E-mail: Web:

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