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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Norplex-Micarta Intros Static Dissipative Composite
Composite work surface.
Postville, IA — Norplex-Micarta has introduced a new static dissipative material, StatNot XC, which can be combined with existing Norplex-Micarta materials, such as the NP510A fiberglass epoxy composite. Developed in partnership with a leading specialty coating company, the new composite surface consistently maintains a surface resistivity of 106 to 109 ohms per square, stabilizing static electricity and conductivity.

The new composite surface is especially suitable for applications in the electronics assembly market, such as test fixtures and assembly work surfaces. The composite surface is combined with certain base materials to achieve critical material properties for specific application requirements, such as excellent mechanical strength, moisture resistance, and creep resistance. For instance, when StatNot XC is combined with the NP510A fiberglass epoxy, the finished material would have the same coefficient of thermal expansion as circuit board material, minimizing the impact of changing temperatures in a manufacturing or testing facility. In addition to electronics assembly, the StatNot XC composite surface is excellent in a variety of applications where static dissipation is imperative, such as the aerospace and oil and gas industries.

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