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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Ideal Adds New Features to Clamp Meter
Upgraded clamp meter.
Sycamore, IL — Ideal Industries, Inc. has added a suite of new features to its TightSight clamp meter to better meet the needs of electricians working in industrial and commercial applications. The Ideal TightSight clamp meter is focused on safety and performance, especially with service electricians measuring high-voltage systems in tight, hard-to-reach panel boards.

According to the company, it has now improved the user-experience with broader capabilities, upgraded features and an overall more rugged design to make what it calls the best clamp meter on the market even better.

The meter provides backlight on bottom display for all functions; The backlight for the bottom TightSight display now lights on all functions instead of just Amps. The display now stabilizes close to zero before taking a measurement as the meter defaults to the 0.0-volt resolution.

In addition, the instrument now provides Selectable Audible on Hi-Voltage warning feature — a small switch resides in the redesigned battery compartment to select audible on or off. Also provided is a data hold button guard, consisting of a shroud that has been added around the data hold button on the side of the clamp to minimize accidental depressing of the button while clamping onto a conductor.

To measure starting current on a motor with an Inrush feature, new true rms models have replaced the peak hold button with inrush. A new microchip supports the above features also allows the 760 Series clamps to measure up to 660A, up from 600A on previous models. The chip provides faster autoranging measurements along with better accuracy in measuring low amps (1-20A). Electricians who want one clamp that measures larger feeder circuits down to smaller branch circuits will especially appreciate this greater capability.

For more information, contact: Ideal Industries, Inc., Becker Place, Sycamore, IL 60178 800-435-0705 or 815-895-5181 fax: 800-533-4483 or 815-895-4800 Web:

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