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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Cutting Costs with ISO Certified Production in China

A U.S. company that does everything in China, E-TekNet, Inc. prides itself on being a one-stop shop that provides virtually everything. It is a U.S. owned and operated contract manufacturer with corporate headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. Its manufacturing facilities along with its engineering services operations are located in Zhuhai and Kunshan, Mainland China — all owned by E-TekNet, Inc. and staffed by E-TekNet employees.

The facilities are UL and IPC approved and are also ISO 9000 certified. All communications from customers are through its regionalized sales force reporting to the Chandler, Arizona location which in turn is in direct contact with the company's facilities in China. We believe that this provides a transparent communications path for the customer.

Bare Boards
Our specialized services start with the bare board, which can be as simple as a single-sided board up through 20-layer multilayer PC boards. Our facilities easily handle PCBAs, and plastic injection molding, extrusions and thick film hybrid ceramic circuits. In addition, E-TekNet, Inc. is the only exclusive and authorized distributor in North America for thick film hybrid circuits manufactured by Seven Star Electronics. We also can help our customers with design conversions from conventional PCBAs to thick film hybrid circuits.

Our company has built a global presence with customers located around the world. We are well known for our online quoting capabilities for both small prototype runs as well as for mid-to-high-volume production requirements. Customers who send us data online send it via e-mail to our Arizona office, a quote can be completed almost instantaneously and sent back to the requester by e-mail.

We offer PCB mass production as well as quick-turn PCB prototypes in as little as 24 hours. The significant factor here is the overall lower costs that are possible with our operation. This price advantage has been the igniter in continuing to build the business on a global scale. We offer specials for prototypes on a regular basis where there is no cost for the associated tooling. These specials can be found on our website along with the associated links to all of our other services.

E-TekNet, Inc. is a rapidly growing company which has been quickly gaining a reputation as the company to go to for one-stop shopping for manufacturing needs. We growing at a pace designed to double our sales revenues within the next calendar year.

Our targeted customer base already includes: electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) and contract manufacturers as well as OEMs that produce computer, communications, medical, industrial controls, automotive products, test instrumentation and consumer electronics, plus aftermarkets.

Team orientation is a major aspect of the entire sales and support organization. All customer service as well as quoting functions are handled by the Arizona office. The sales team is comprised of highly qualified technical sales people with PCB manufacturing expertise. These electronics industry veterans bring a special level of dedication to their customer contact. Their goal is to guide and assist the customer through the various cycles leading up to total customer satisfaction.

At E-TekNet, we will absolutely respond accurately and expeditiously to submitted RFQs, with the lowest cost, highest quality and an on-time delivery to match the needs of our customers. We can supply the needed prototypes, prototype re-spins and move forward to the manufacturing of the pre-production and then finally into full production.

We expect to earn each customer's trust and become a major portion of his business on a daily basis. It is important in our business to solidify and foster a long-term relationship with our partners, as evidenced by the high profile company names in our customer base. The bottom line is that E-TekNet can provide a lower cost product, built to your specification which includes its lowest cost guarantee and still maintain the highest standards of quality set by the IPC and delivering a product on time, every time.

For more information, contact: E-TekNet, 561 E. Elliot Rd., Suite 180, Chandler, AZ 85225 480-752-7854 fax: 480-752-7855 E-mail: Web:

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