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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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"US Tech Interactive" Is Launched in China
Valley Forge, PA US Tech has just launched US Tech Interactive in Chinese (, which is a fully translated and fully functional website prepared for engineers and electronics manufacturers in China.

US Tech has partnered with TelecomMedia, which has operations in both China and North America. Both organizations are excited about this special forward-looking venture, which now presents the all new US Tech Interactive in both English and Chinese.

Editorial content of the English US Tech Interactive site includes all the articles and sections that appear in the printed tabloid edition. Moreover, US Tech is also adding breaking news, trade shows and seminar announcements that it receives daily from subscribers and contributors worldwide.

The online Chinese-version US Tech Interactive includes all articles prepared for the English-language site. Additional editorial content about Chinese high tech companies will cover the latest innovations, business and financial news, industry events and other current issues that are of particular interest to our readers.

In recent years, the Chinese electronics industry has grown at a breathtaking pace, thus presenting an opportunity for companies in the United States to increase their exposure and potential growth in China, as well as presenting Chinese firms with the opportunity to increase their share of a burgeoning global economy. US Tech now will serve both markets and continue supporting its existing customer base.

For more information: Ph 610-783-6100 or web media kit 

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