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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Unovis: Flexible Automation
Inside the Polaris.
Binghamton, NY — Unovis Solutions has delivered a highly-specialized assembly line to world-leading Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos. The line is dedicated to the manufacturing of the company's brand new Class A Energy Efficient ALPHA2 water pump. In addition to placing 120 surface mount components, the Grundfos ALPHA2 control board requires automating the placement of seven thru-hole odd-form components.

The process, integrated in a 66m long, fully automated assembly line at the Grundfos Bjerringbro plant, includes three Unovis Polaris Assembly Cells. Automating odd-form placement is a demanding task, handled by a unique breed of equipment vendors that can successfully cross the automation boundaries between odd-form electronic and light mechanical assembly.

To assemble the main control board of the new circulator pump, used in household and industrial heating, Grundfos operates a dual-lane Surface Mount line coupled with a fully automated final assembly line. As a result, the ALPHA2 process requires no manual input except for the feeding of PCBs and the SMT components, as well as feeding of the seven bulky, rounded, through-hole odd-forms. Due to the shape of the pump, the control electronics resides on a rounded board having a diameter of 80mm. Every ten seconds, a fully assembled ALPHA2 control board is leaving the line.

The Polaris is available in three base-machine versions; components that do not offer a suitable surface to pick with vacuum-only are processed with the Polaris Servo Gripper Assembly Cell. It has a 4-axis Cartesian gantry and a head that combines both gripping and vacuum action.

For mechanical assembly tasks, including adhesive dispensing, vision inspection, driving screws and packaging tasks, the company offers the Polaris Multi Process Cell, carrying up to three independent end-effectors and with image acquisition and inspection to combine SMT with through-hole mounting.

For single assembly operations, the Polaris Jr Single-Process Odd-form Cell is another option. Multiple units are used when multiple steps are needed. Machines are available in scalable widths, ranging from 500mm up to 1500mm and are compatible with commercially available conveyors. Cells can be redeployed as needed. Grippers, feeders, and end-effector tooling can be replaced to accommodate new assembly requirements.

For more information, contact: Unovis Solutions, P.O. Box 5304, Binghamton, NY 13902-5304 607-779-5118 Web:

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