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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Pillarhouse Releases Entry Level Combination System
Combination selective solder and rework system.
Elk Grove Village, IL — Pillarhouse is introducing the Gem, a new low cost selective soldering, wave soldering and through-hole rework system with 7 patents pending. By incorporating the company's proven technologies in one simple to set up and operate machine, the Gem combines many features including the robust mechanical design seen in higher priced soldering systems.

The Gem is manufactured to be highly cost-effective with special capabilities that meet the needs of low volume manufacturing and NPI, plus it includes the added benefits of a rework station and wave soldering machine.

The intuitive operation of the Gem incorporates standard single button selector programming with LED window readout, giving the operator quick and easy access to its defined process controls. In addition, the large 20 x 20-in. moving board carriage offers full X and Y maneuverability via a user-friendly, frame mounted joystick. This versatile board carriage can also be tilted for wave soldering, allowing the PC board to be angled while being processed through a dedicated (up to 6-in.) wave solder nozzle.

For selective soldering, the Gem uses the company's single point AP-1 nozzle technology. These 14 interchangeable standard size nozzles range in tip sizes from 2.5mm to 12mm, and can be changed within less than 10 seconds. For more intricate applications, custom designed nozzles for wave and rework are available. The entire soldering process is enhanced by a hot nitrogen curtain, providing an inert atmosphere for the soldering process and assisting in the prevention of oxidation and thermal shock to the localized components.

Other standard features include a laser guidance alignment system for precise point selection, a newly designed quick change, low maintenance solder bath and pump system for lead to lead-free transition in minutes, and an automated purging flux bottle system for ease of cleaning. Also included as a standard feature is a highly innovative (patent pending) top board overlay system, which allows the operator an uninhibited view of select soldering and fluxing points on an inactive overlay board without components, while simultaneously selecting components to be actually soldered on the active board below.

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