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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Keithley: Switch Platform Hi-Performance DMM
DMM switch platform.
Cleveland, OH — Keithley Instruments, Inc. has introduced the Series 3700 System Switch/Multimeter and Plug-in Card Family, the company's next-generation platform of switching and integrated digital multimeter (DMM) test solutions. It offers high quality, instrument grade switching for a wide variety of applications, including the performance demands of high channel count applications.

The instrument can control up to 576 multiplexer channels in a six-slot, 2U form factor. A high-performance integrated DMM option provides fast, low-noise measurements with resolutions up to 7-1/2 digits at a price lower than typical 6-1/2 digit DMMs.

The Series 3700 System Switch/Multimeter solutions offer scalable, high-performance switching and multi-channel measurements that are optimized for automated testing of electronic products and components. Together with a growing family of plug-in switch and control cards, the instrument is especially suitable for either a functional test system or in stand-alone data acquisition and measurement applications. It provides production and functional testing of electronic products and devices, especially multi-channel I-V testing and accelerated stress tests.

The product is available with four different mainframe options for added flexibility. Users can choose a mainframe without the integrated DMM as well as one without a front-panel display and keypad. The optional integrated DMM eliminates the need to manually coordinate an external DMM with a switch topology, freeing up valuable development time. Also, a USB 2.0 port on the front panel provides "transportable memory" that allows users to save measurements to non-volatile memory.

The base Model 3706 has an integrated 7-1/2 digit, high-performance DMM. In addition to supporting 13 built-in measurement functions, measurement ranges are expanded to include a 1-Ohm low-resistance range and a 10µAmp low-current range. The mainframe contains a multi-processor architecture to maximize measurement speed and system throughput. It features a single-channel reading rate that ranges from greater than 10,000 DCV/two-wire Ohms readings per second at 3-1/2 digit resolution to 60 readings per second at 7-1/2 digit, 26-bit resolution if needed.

The system also incorporates the company's Test Script Processor (TSP) technology.

The Series 3700 also includes six new optional high-density and general-purpose plug-in cards that accommodate a broad range of signals and topologies including multiplexer, matrix, and isolated switch functions. The Model 3720 and Model 3721 are dual 1X30 and dual 1X20 multiplexer cards respectively for general purpose switching.

For more information, contact Keithley Instruments, Inc., 28775 Aurora Road, Cleveland, OH 44139 800-688-9951 or 440-248-0400 E-mail: publisher@keithley.com Web:

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