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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Tyco Intros Commercial Wire Tap/Splice

Harrisburg, PA — Tyco Electronics has introduced an insulation displacement contact (IDC) poke-in wire tap/splice. This new connector product combines a wire splice with power taps for use in commercial lighting ballast installations. Insulation displacement contacts...

UEI Gives UEIPAC Major Speed Boost

Walpole, MA — United Electronic Industries (UEI) has made a major enhancement/upgrade to the popular UEIPAC series of programmable automation controllers. Both maximum sample rate and the PAC's ability to process PID loops have been speeded up by greater than a factor of eight. The UEIPAC now allows analog input sample rates up to 576 kilosamples per second and up to 8 simultaneous...

Through-Panel Terminals from Weidmuller

Richmond, VA — Weidmuller is introducing a new range of through-panel terminal blocks — the WGK Series, designed to provide a universal solution that reliably and safely handles this challenge of penetrating control cabinet walls to distribute currents of differing potentials. The terminal blocks are especially suitable for industrial control power filtering and UPS...

Zetex Intros First Mini Bipolars in SOT Package

Hauppauge, NY — Zetex Semiconductors is introducing the first miniature bipolar NPN and PNP transistors to be provided in the SOT23FF package, especially suitable for MOSFET gate driving in newer power supplies. The transistors provide lower saturation voltage, higher current gain hold-up, improved ...
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