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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Twin Shows a Success, But at What Cost?

When the wheels of the Embraer Brasilia touched down at Chico Municipal Airport, I heaved a big sigh of relief; I was finally home and Manufacturing Week/IPC Midwest were history. We were already making plans for next year's double-show coverage. Along the way, I managed to forget my raincoat in a store ...
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Carrying the Torch

The upcoming Olympics to be held in China are providing an interesting insight into the makeup of the expatriate community there. There is a surprisingly large percentage of Westerners living in China and working in China's electronics industry — so many that U.S. Tech has already received a number of requests for our Chinese web edition to be made available in English....
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Pardon Us

One of the unhappy truisms of publishing is that when you make a mistake, it's there for many thousands of people to see. The English print edition of our September issue contained two colossal bloopers, which we immediately corrected in our website. But for all those print edition readers, please note that the ...Read More
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