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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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Qualitek Intros New Pb-Free Solder
Addison, IL — Qualitek International has developed a new patented alloy to provide a lead-free alternative for assemblers now using costly SAC alloys and for those who are switching from lead containing Sn63/Pb37 alloys to the lead-free process. The new alloy, SN100e, is manufactured from tin, copper, and cobalt to create solder so pure it reportedly far exceeds the most common specification requirements.

According to the company, the lead-free solder alloy is RoHS-compliant and reduces copper dissolution. The new alloy provides brighter, shinier, less grainy solder joints when compared to other lead-free alloys such as SAC305, and is much less expensive. In wave-solder operations, less solder is consumed in comparison to tin-lead solder because the weight per cubic inch of the solder is lower. The lower viscosity improves the fluidity, which in turn improves the solder's wetting capability, and reduces necessary re-work including bridging, icicling, cobwebbing and flagging. The alloy is environmentally friendly, and generates less dross compared to all other "virgin grade" lead-free solders. Less dross generation results in more soldered joints per pound of solder and greater cost-effectiveness through less waste. This alloy exceeds specification J-STD-006.

SN100e contains 0 percent nickel and up to 0.05 percent cobalt. Other known alloys contain nickel and 0 percent cobalt. The ratio of nickel commonly used in comparison to cobalt requires more frequent monitoring due to the increased depletion of the nickel in comparison to cobalt during process, resulting in an increased cost for those using the nickel-containing alternative alloys.

The new alloy is available as bar, wire, paste, spheres, and powder.

For more information, contact: Qualitek International, Inc., 315 Fairbank St., Addison, IL 60101 630-628-8083 fax: 630-628-6543 E-mail: Web:

See at ATE Booth #6338.
See at IPC Midwest Booth #1025.

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