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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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DEK: Productivity Tools For Faster, Better PC Boards
Cyclone under-stencil cleaning system.
Flemington, NJ — DEK's Horizon 01i printer platform has been engineered to meet diverse assembly challenges — from high mix to high-volume including 0201 and CSP packages — Horizon 01i is the optimum high-speed solution. With Cpk 2.0 at 25µm and a 10 second cycle time, the Horizon 01i effectively meets the high throughput, high accuracy requirements of today's advanced electronics manufacturers.

When equipped with the company's portfolio of productivity tools, the Horizon 01i becomes even more powerful. Controlled through the simple, touch-screen Instinctiv user interface, operators have a complete view of the Horizon 01i's operational performance, consumables replenishment requirements as well as machine alerts, on-board help, set-up guidance and error recovery assistance.

With these critical elements literally at the operator's fingertips, machine control is simplified and productivity is maximized. According to the company, speed, throughput and performance are further enhanced with the addition of its breakthrough HawkEye post-print verification system and Cyclone understencil cleaning technology. Designed to eliminate the costly inspection time associated with traditional 2-D systems, the HawkEye print verification technology effectively delivers 100 percent post-print verification without adversely affecting cycle time. The system can be set to verify 100 percent of deposits on the board or only certain areas of the board, giving the user the ability to adjust total verification cycle time to maximize system value within the line beat rate. Available in two versions to provide manufacturing flexibility, HawkEye 400 verifies deposits at a rate of

400mm2 per second and HawkEye 1200 operates at a rate of 1200mm2 per second, delivering much higher levels of verification speed.

Pushing beyond the limits of current understencil cleaning technology, the Cyclone system offers throughput improvements and understencil cleaning speeds heretofore unavailable. Traditional understencil cleaning systems can be a throughput drain, but the Cyclone's design reportedly cuts cleaning time in half, reduces paper changeover to seconds and provides a more thorough clean. The five-stage head increases the active cleaning area on each stroke, delivering a faster clean that uses less paper than conventional understencil cleaners. A single wet oscillating stroke

simultaneously clears apertures and the powerful return vacuum stroke removes any remaining residues. Understencil cleaning can now be achieved in just two sweeps and easy cassette-based paper changeover can be carried out in less than 20 seconds.

For more information, contact: DEK, 8 Bartles Corner Rd., Flemington, NJ 08822 908-782-4140 fax: 908-782-4774 Web:

See at IPC Midwest Booth #409.

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