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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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ShockWatch Intros New Monitoring System
StartManager monitoring system.
Dallas, TX — ShockWatch® has released the new ShockWatch StartManager, the latest addition to its line of innovative equipment monitors. According to the company, this device restricts equipment access to trained, authorized operators and is unusual in its ability to work not only on rolling stock, but also on stationary tools and machines.

Data transfer through an easy-to-use access key provides supervisors with usage and access reports for easy management of safety training programs and equipment utilization information. Optional StartManager software allows for paperless tracking of who has accessed each piece of equipment.

By preventing untrained and unauthorized personnel from using specified pieces of equipment, ShockWatch StartManager can prevent injury and damage-related costs due to unauthorized access. Even if minor damage occurs during equipment use by authorized personnel, StartManager usage reports allow management to determine accountability and respond promptly with necessary repairs or corrective action.

StartManager also supports OSHA regulation compliance by providing a record of operator access and utilization data. When used as part of a safety and training program, StartManager's monitoring and recording capabilities can help companies dramatically improve overall workplace safety.

For more information, contact: Shockwatch, 1111 W. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 1050, Dallas TX, 75247 800-527-9497 or 214-630-9625 fax: 214-638-4512 e-mail: Web:

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