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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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Rogers Corp. Intros Green Flex Circuit Laminate
Flex circuit laminate.
Rogers, CT — Rogers Corporation has developed a halogen-free, transparent epoxy polyimide laminate system that is safe for the environment and delivers superior performance in an all-inclusive package for flexible circuit designs. An extension of the company's R/flex CRYSTAL® product line, the new R/flex JADE is an epoxy adhesive system that is especially suitable for a wide range of applications including hard disk drives, cellular phones, laptop computers, personal digital assistants and semiconductor packaging applications.

The new products are RoHS-compliant and are UL 94 V-0 classified for flame retardant performance. According to the company, outstanding thermal stability enables R/flex JADE A laminates to withstand multiple passes through a lead-free soldering process. R/flex JADE A materials' excellent dimensional stability and adjustable squeeze-out control results in increased yields and better results in fine-line, tight tolerance design applications. Like the R/flex CRYSTAL line of products, the R/flex JADE A series has a transparent adhesive system that simplifies optical inspections.

Available in bonding film, coverlayer and copper clad laminate constructions, the R/flex JADE series of products are manufactured under rigorous process controls that continuously monitor physical performance properties such as peel strength, squeeze-out control and dimensional stability.

For more information, contact: Rogers Corporation, P.O. Box 188, Rogers, CT 06263-0188 860-774-9605 fax: 860-779-5509 Web:

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