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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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New Kodak Accumax Film for Tight PCB Plots
Rochester, NY — Eastman Kodak Company has introduced an innovative photoplotter film that combines sensitivity of blue and green lasers while demonstrating faster speed and wider exposure latitude for use in electronics manufacturing including personal computers and mobile phones.

The new film, KODAK ACCUMAX Photoplotter Film ABG7 1907, builds upon technology used in the company's current ARD7 film product. Designed for use on blue and green laser photoplotters, ABG7 will be used by manufacturers to produce smaller and more complex printed circuit boards. Because of the improved speed and latitude, users will enjoy more consistent line width reproduction and longer laser life.

The new film integrates the best of the company's PC board technologies into one powerful product that is appropriate for use with all blue and green laser photoplotters. The improved fine-line image consistency combined with the latest in Integrated-Booster-Technology processing reportedly delivers outstanding images. Sensitometric contrast is significantly improved over the previous blue and green films, resulting in much sharper imagery. These two features combined with improvements in film durability provide longer phototool life, easier photoplotter calibration and sharper images than the prior products, enabling engineers to build smaller circuit patterns required for sophisticated devices.

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