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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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Enthone Breaks Ground for Applications Laboratory
West Haven, CT — Enthone Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, is constructing an advance plating applications laboratory. Located at 350 Frontage Road, West Haven, Connecticut, the laboratory will be completely operational this September. The mission of the laboratory and its staff will include: evaluation and validation of Enthone processes prior to beta-site field testing; in-depth training and demonstration of process capabilities to Enthone personnel and select customers; identification and implementation of the best processing methodologies and operating windows for the company's best-in-class, new and emerging technologies; and collaborative work with key customers to develop unique plating solutions.

The state-of-the-art applications laboratory will house multiple, high performance plating lines that will enable processing of Enthone functional, decorative and electronic coatings that deliver corrosion protection, wear resistance and superior esthetics on a variety of parts used in automotive, plumbing, printed wiring board (PWB), and other surface finishing applications.

Specifically, dedicated plating lines for Enthone plating-on-plastics, copper/nickel/chrome, passivation processes, surface preparation chemistry, zinc and zinc alloys, hard chrome and electroless nickel will be installed. Additionally, lines for connector and leadframe precious and base metal plating, as well as PWB fabrication final finishes, oxide replacement alternatives and metallization processes will also be fully operational.

For more information, contact: Enthone Inc., P.O. Box 1900, New Haven, CT 06508 203-799-4904 fax: 203-799-1513 Web:

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