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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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Edgecard Connectors Introduced by Sullins
San Marcos, CA, — Sullins Electronics has introduced standard edgecard connectors engineered to accept daughtercards ranging in thickness of from 0.031-in. (0.79mm) to 0.125-in. (3.18mm). The connectors are designed to address OEMs' and assemblers' requirements for fast delivery of competitively-priced connectors used to interconnect non-standard thickness boards often employed in custom, and next-generation applications.

Supplied with contact centers of 0.100-in. (2.54mm), 0.125-in. (3.18mm), and 0.156-in. (3.96mm), they are manufactured to meet or exceed the industry's highest electrical and mechanical standards. In addition, the UL94-0 rated parts may be ordered with an extended operating temperature range of from -65°C to +150°C.

Sullins' edgecard connectors are commonly used in the broadest spectrum of applications including communications systems, medical equipment, instrumentation, and automotive R&D. Notably, high-temperature parts that accommodate 0.093-in. (2.36mm) or 0.125-in. (3.18mm) daughtercards may be confidently specified for such applications as test and burn-in ovens, where thicker daughtercards are employed to minimize warping on larger backplanes.

Conversely, in medical equipment or any application where size and weight are critical factors, parts designed to accept 0.031-in. boards are often utilized.

The devices' mated signal contact bulk resistance (daughtercard mated to backplane module) is 30 milliohm maximum. Single contact current rating is 3A.

The edgecard connectors also have insulator heights of 0.431-in. or 0.610-in. and are provided with a choice of dip solder, eyelet, right angle, card extender, and wire wrap terminations. A wide choice of insulator, contact material, and contact finishes is offered. Connectors with a molded-in polarizing key are also available.

For more information, contact: Sullins Electronics, Corp., 801 E. Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069 888-774-3100 fax: 760-744-6081 E-mail: Web:

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