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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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RAD Technologies: Providing Tier 1 for Mid-Size OEMs
Test is an important part of maintaining product quality.

Small to mid-sized OEMs and smaller divisions of large OEMs have difficulty finding contract manufacturers who meet their complex production needs with competitive entry level cost. Tier one contract manufacturers typically accept customers that provide volume in excess of $20 million dollars per year. RAD saw the need for tier one services to OEMs that produce high performance capital equipment. Our customer base is primarily medical, military, aerospace and industrial equipment. We develop partnerships with our customers that are mutually beneficial.

Often tier 2, 3, and 4 contract manufacturers for mid-sized OEMs are also geared toward mid-to-high-volume low-mix manufacturing services. Few companies can supply the high technology assembly capabilities that the tier one suppliers offer.

For the past 15 years, RAD has offered complete technical services comparable to a tier one supplier, to mid-sized OEMs with high mix and medium-to-low volume. In addition to experienced leadership, RAD has state-of-the-art assembly and inspection equipment, personalized customer service, quick turn lines, superior process, manufacturing engineering services and excellent quality.

RAD Technologies is led by William Cacciatore and Charles Mann who together have over 60 years of experience in the electronics industry. Most of our key managers have been with us over 10 years and have extensive experience in contract manufacturing. These experienced supporting team members at RAD have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Central to our communications is the weekly staff meeting and continuous improvement sessions. In addition to the weekly meeting, each facility has daily production meetings where production and sales review all open orders and determine what must be done to meet our customer's requirements.

Vertical Supply Chain
RAD's services provide more than the typical contract manufacturer. These services consist of producing complex printed circuit board assemblies and all types of custom cable assemblies with overmolding capabilities for both. Overmolding of printed circuit board assemblies enables the customer to have an environmentally and esthetically functional assembly or subassembly. Although this is a difficult process, our company has over 10 years of experience in overmolding and has produced thousands of quality products. RAD also builds complete systems or subsystems (box builds) per customer specifications, permitting our customers to reduce their supply base. Offering support at the initial design stage and at the manufacturing process level, RAD helps the customer reduce assembly cost and cycle time.

We have three assembly locations — Boston, Southern California and Mexico — which enable the company to provide regional support and a low-cost manufacturing solution for those products involving high labor content.
Lead-free wavesoldering is closely monitored.

Many customers require their contract manufacturer to do more than just assemble a product. For those customers, RAD offers the customer a complete virtual factory by utilizing logistical software maintained by our in-house IT department. RAD can ship to the OEMs' end customers and provide stocking, shipping and invoicing capabilities. These services reduce customer transaction and inventory costs.

Personalized Customer Support
Trained individual program managers follow jobs from concept to completion and provide a single point of contact to the customer. Using Microsoft's Navision, our state-of-the-art ERP system, program managers are able to acquire real time updates on program progress. This allows us to be flexible and re-order priorities to better service our customers with timely responses to help them better manage their business. To assist our outside sales force, we have experienced application engineers who travel to the customer's location and work closely with the customer's design team on new products, or assist in solving specific manufacturing problems.

RAD Express
Quick-turn prototype capability and rapid quote response helps our customers meet changing market demands. A dedicated unit running 24/7 with highly skilled technicians can produce prototype products with minimal documentation. This team collaborates with the process engineering department to assist the customer in lowering manufacturing costs and reduce lead times once the product goes into production.

Soldering of lead-free BGA components presents a challenge to any contract manufacturer and can cost thousands in scrapped materials and product delays. RAD's engineering group has spent six months on the development of temperature profiling to ensure solderability of the BGAs without damaging other board level components that are heat sensitive. We are now producing complex lead and lead-free printed circuit board assemblies with multiple BGAs that are approaching 100 percent first-pass yields.

RAD has a complete test area staffed with engineers and technicians. In-circuit test, functional testing, and boundary scan tests are performed in this area. Our engineers and technicians work closely with the customer to develop test procedures to achieve 100 percent functional assemblies.

Quality Control
At RAD, we are ISO 9001-2000 certified. We maintain RoHS-compliant lead-free assembly process capability, are UL and CSA recognized. We are J-Std-001 Compliant, our AS9100 registration is in progress. Our facilities provide the latest version of automated optical inspection equipment, as well as X-ray inspection equipment. These quality standards have allowed RAD to maintain an excellent track record with customers who are market leaders in such high technology industries as medical, military, aerospace and high performance capital equipment.

For more information, contact: RAD Technologies, 10875 La Tuna Canyon Rd., Sun Valley, CA 91354 818-381-8500 E-mail: Web:

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