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July '15: Personalized Service Reigns Supreme at BGS

Apopka, FL — Located only a few miles north of Orlando, Best Global Source (BGS) is a full-service electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) that specializes in printed-circuit-board (PCB) assembly and electro-mechanical box builds. Founded in 2000, the minority-owned small business ...

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May '15: At Wacker, Silicon Is Key to the Future

Munich, Germany — Silicon. It's the 2nd most plentiful element in the earth's crust. We see it and use it everywhere in compounds and certainly in electronics, and hardly ever give a thought to where it comes from or how it managed to get into our lives.
The pedigree of Silicon and its importance in the world of electronics was certainly driven home during a recent high-level press conference given by Wacker, a company that has been a major consumer of silicon material and has now upped its ante by acquiring more sources of this common but crucial metallic element.

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June '15: New Yield Improvement Product Launched at SMT

A big question at SMT Nuremberg, "Is the In-Line X-Ray system now obsolete?" was answered at the kickoff by SmartLoop, Sales Director, Keith Bryant as he opened the Global Press Launch of what could be a game-changing new testing methodology that relies on products from Mirtec and Yxlon. Bryant ...

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March '15: New Way to Grow High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Los Alamos, NM — A new solution-based hot-casting technique developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory allows growth of highly efficient and reproducible solar cells from large-area perovskite crystals.
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February '15: Juki Expands into New Silicon Valley Site

Fremont, CA — It was bound to happen. After all, the bulk of Juki's business has been in California's Silicon Valley for years and, in fact, West Coast customers had been serviced from a stocking distribution site in Fremont. Now that role has been vastly expanded with the official opening ...

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December '14: Fuel Cell Infrastructure Getting Better

Sacramento, CA — Fuel cell powered automobiles are very hungry for hydrogen and a badly needed infrastructure is being put in place in fits and starts. With nine operational hydrogen filling stations, California has more such installations than any other state in the U.S. And it ...

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October '14: Onshoring Rules at Syncron EMS

Onshoring has many faces, and the most important one is to simply keep the business at home, providing jobs that had flown overseas for many years. There are several aspects to this, most importantly to provide customer OEMs with exactly the product they want without delays, language ...

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September '14: Siemens Hosts DEK & SIPLACE Press Event for Merger Announcement

Amberg, Germany — It's been the worst-kept secret in the industry, in fact it was "announced" prematurely at productronica last November, but now it's really official: ASM has acquired DEK in a move to provide an integrated production line solution for its customers. The "official ...

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August '14:How COTS-Built Fighter May Win the World

Wichita, KS — Something new, wonderful and breathtaking has happened in the U.S. aerospace industry. After years of budget fights, many billions of tax dollars spent, and mostly wasted on new military fighter planes that still are far from ready to use, and may never actually see ...

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June '14: Linking Atomic Structure to Parts Performance

Albuquerque, NM — Humans have used metals for thousands of years, but there's still a lot about them that isn't fully understood. Just how much stretching, bending or compression a particular metal will take is determined by mechanical properties that can vary widely, even within parts made of the ...

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April '14: Helping "Hogs" Fly, Lansdale Celebrates 50th Birthday

Phoenix, AZ — The process for designing, building and maintaining military systems can be lengthy and difficult. So when a system works and works well, it is not replaced by snazzy new equipment every few months the way consumer electronics products are. Instead, it is repaired, ...

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February '14: Old Coils May Hold Key to Fusion Power

Albuquerque, NM — A surprising effect created by a 19th-Century device called a Helmholz coil offers clues about how to achieve controlled nuclear fusion — a discovery made at Sandia National Laboratories, using its powerful "Z" machine.

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July '13: City Councilor Journeys from Japan to "The Heart of Darkness"

Albuquerque, NM — When is a nuclear test not a nuclear test? That all depends on your viewpoint. Tests are performed in miniature by Sandia's Z machine — reportedly the most powerful laboratory producer of X-rays on Earth. The large accelerator regularly examines plutonium to study the fissile ...

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March '14: End-of-Life Doesn't Have to Kill Mother Earth

Denver, CO — End-of-life management of electronics, or lack thereof, has become a serious part of our overall ecological contamination. It's no longer enough to simply consign junked electronics to landfills — even after shredding. The landfills after all can accommodate only ...

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June '13: Robotics Program Prepares Students for Life

Camdenton, MO — American students still lag alarmingly behind students in China and Western Europe, reports several student testing services. While there has been a small improvement in U.S. high school student performance, there's still a great deal of work ahead if the U.S.A. is ...

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April '13: DNA Marking Won't Stop the Counterfeits

Washington, DC — The latest twist in the counterfeit war — and make no mistake, it is a war — has been an August 2012, notification posted by DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) DIBBs board that all FSC 5962 product sold directly to DLA would require DNA marking beginning November ...

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August '12: Onshoring Momentum Powers Siplace Expansion

Atlanta, GA — The message was loud and clear at a recent ribbon-cutting and seminar in Suwanee, Georgia: manufacturing in the U.S. is having a marked resurgence, and Siplace is going to be a major contributor to this growth with its cutting-edge automated assembly equipment.
Siplace had been a Siemens company for many years, but the ownership changed hands in January, 2011 when Siplace was purchased by ASM Pacific Technology, a Hong Kong-based company. At the time, there was concern that a change in ownership would bring nothing but cutbacks and problems.

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Sept '12: U.S. Mfg. Market Attracts Trans-Tec and Yamaha

Chandler, AZ — Start with an American businessman setting up shop in Singapore, with his goal to provide the best possible sales and service of electronic manufacturing machinery to OEMs and contract manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Couple his expertise and drive with a partnership with a large Japanese ...

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July '14: POET's Breakthrough Leap to End Moore's Law Limits

Toronto, Ont., Canada — An exciting new technology leap in semiconductor chip design based on a combination of optics and GaAs promises to change integrated circuits drastically, making them up to 10X to 100X faster than conventional silicon while reducing power consumption 80% — making the development ...

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February '12: Doping Graphene Sheets for Device and Interconnect

Atlanta, GA — Nanotechnology researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have conducted the first direct comparison of two fundamental techniques that could be used for chemically doping sheets of two-dimensional graphene for the fabrication of devices and interconnects.
Chemical doping is routinely used in conventional three-dimensional semiconductors to control the density of electron carriers that are essential to the operation of devices such as transistors. But graphene, a semi-metal available in sheets just one atom thick, has properties very different from traditional materials such as silicon — though researchers say doping will still be needed for ...

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