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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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It's that Month Again
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
September seems to be our biggest month for trade shows, and like many organizations, we have to stretch ourselves to be able to cover them all. First there's Autotestcon in Baltimore the week of September 15. The following week, there's ATE (or Manufacturing Week if you prefer) in Rosemont with many co-located shows in the Stephens Convention Center, and then overlapping that during the same week is IPC Midwest Expo, the brand new show in Schaumburg, which is also a must-see for all of us. Shortly after that, the SMTA has its new show in Orlando, and then in October is Mexitronica, followed by Productronica in Germany.

With all of these shows going head-to-head, I sometimes find that I barely have time to go home for a day, get some fresh underwear and clean shirts, and hop on another plane.

But for all the complaining that we may hear, the trade shows are still the life blood of our industry, providing an opportunity to network, to meet with the movers and the shakers — the people you really need to know to make your business grow.

Trade shows are also expensive; some companies may choose to pass entirely on some trade shows, as in the case of Manufacturing Week vs. IPC Midwest. The new IPC show was created to accommodate IPC members who were increasingly unhappy with the costs and return for their money when exhibiting in Rosemont. By having a new show specifically for the electronics manufacturing sector, Schaumburg offers a closely-knit forum that has been created specifically for IPC members and their associates. We're really looking forward to this new concept show, and to see just how successful it will be in its very first year.

One nice thing about this spate of Autumn trade shows: they're pretty much over by mid-November, making it possible to be with the family when Thanksgiving rolls around. Unless you've made plans for a Caribbean vacation that week — one way of getting the winter chill out of your bones.

We'll see you in Rosemont, or Schaumburg, or Orlando, or Guadalajara, or Munich, or on the Windjammer — wherever your business takes you.  


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