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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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Dual RJ45/HMA Media Converter from Stratos
RJ45/HMA media converter.
Chicago, IL — Stratos Optical Technologies has introduced a dual RJ45-enabled media converter that provides a single, standalone bulkhead conversion solution for multimode Gigabit Ethernet links. The EBK-xRJ-xxVx GE media converter provides 1.25Gbps data rate conversion for link distances up to 550 meters. By enabling users to replace conventional solutions involving fiber modems and fiber cable assemblies, the active bulkhead — with the

electrical/optical media converter built into the interior of the optical port — reduces overall space and weight requirements while increasing overall reliability. Several interconnect points are eliminated in this new product approach for improved reliability and overall system performance. This converter is especially suitable for the ruggedized networks used in land and ship-based communications for military applications, the oil and gas industry, and certain aviation applications.

According to the company, the unit performs the copper-to-fiber conversion assignment to the most rigorous industry and military standards for reliable voice, data, and video signal transport. The electrical signal input is an RJ45 interface and the fiberoptic interface is HMA expanded beam technology — an interface that is well-accepted by military organizations in Europe and coming into regular use by the U.S. military services.

According to the company, incorporating expanded beam technology for the fiber interface brings a unique set of performance and reliability benefits. The HMA version includes an optical lens system that provides immunity from water, mud, dust, oil and other contaminants that can damage the fiber end-face. Connectors in the series can be installed and repaired in the field with limited training for a rapid, real-time upgrade. The hermaphroditic design allows simple, rapid rigging and daisy chaining of deployment. The converter is also offered in a fast Ethernet version, both of which are currently shipping in production quantities.

For more information, contact: Stratos Optical Technologies, 7444 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60706-4549 800-323-6858 fax: 708-867-4140 E-mail: Web:

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