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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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NKK Offers Reduced-Cost Mini Switches
Reduced-cost mini switches.
Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has reduced the cost of its MB2000 and MB2400 series miniature pushbuttons, making the company's portfolio of high quality, reliable electromechanical switches available for low-cost designs.

The MB2000 series of miniature pushbuttons is available in single pole, double pole, and four pole, double throw configurations, and offer engineers the flexibility to choose between both momentary and alternate action circuits. The MB2000 series is reportedly designed with an over center actuator mechanism that diminishes sparking and increases operating life in AC circuits. Guide interlocked actuator blocks are precision-manufactured and prevent window locking while maintaining correct plunger alignment — assuring contact reliability. Power rated models are 6A at 125VAC and 3A at 250VAC or 3A at 30VDC. Logic level devices are rated at 0.4VA maximum at 28VAC/DC maximum.

The MB2400 series of momentary action pushbuttons uses a snap-acting mechanism providing smooth actuation, a short stroke, light touch and audible feedback. Available in single pole or double pole models, with gold, silver, or gold over silver contacts, these devices are rated at either 3A at 125VAC for silver, 0.4VA maximum at 28VAC/DC for gold, or dual rating when gold over silver is specified. The extensive design selections of the MB2400 series include devices with bushings as well as snap-in mounted versions. The MB2000 and MB2400 series are both UL Recognized and CSA Certified. All models feature high insulating barriers, increasing the isolation of circuits in multi-pole devices. Frames are clinched well above the case and terminals, providing 1,500V dielectric strength. Terminals are epoxy sealed to prevent entry of flux and other contaminants.

For more information, contact NKK Switches, 7850 E. Gelding Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480-991-0942 fax: 480-998-1435 Web:

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