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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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GaGe Intros Next Gen 8-bit Fast Digitizers
Cobra digitizer card.
Lockport, IL — GaGe has introduced its next-generation 8-bit high-speed digitizers aptly named Cobra. According to the company, the new 8-bit digitizers provide the optimal combination of speed, memory, and bandwidth as well as a comprehensive suite of new advanced features at a very affordable price.

The digitizers are available with 1 or 2 digitizing channels, sampling speeds of up to 2GS/s, and up to 1GHz input bandwidth. With up to 4 GS of on-board acquisition memory per card, the digitizers are especially suitable for customers who need to acquire either large amounts of data simultaneously over long periods of time or an extreme number of short data bursts.

For applications that require several simultaneous digitizing channels, it is possible to interconnect up to 8 Cobra digitizers in a single chassis and achieve true multi-card synchronization due to the company's advanced internal clock distribution technology. Using short and controlled timing signal propagation paths and automatic timing calibration, this technology reportedly provides far superior inter-card time skew and jitter performance as compared to alternate external synchronization techniques.

Similar to the company's other lines of next-generation digitizers, such as the multi-channel Octopus CompuScope family, Cobra digitizers also provide advanced timing features such as Trigger Time-stamping, Clock In/Clock Out, Trig In/Trig out, and 10MHz Reference Clocking. Powerful eXpert on-board firmware options such as Signal Averaging are also available.

The Cobra family of digitizers replaces the company's ever-popular CompuScope 82G digitizers, offering more features at a better price. The Cobra family of digitizers is compatible with GageScope® oscilloscope software that allows users to acquire and analyze signals without writing a single line of programming code. GaGe also offers powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs) for C/C#, MATLAB®, or LabVIEW® and other popular programming environments for users that want to create their own custom software


For more information, contact: GaGe, 900 N. State St., Lockport, IL 60441 800-567-4243 fax: 800-780-8411 Web:

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