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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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Seica: Legacy Replacement Testing Program
The S40 Valid test system.
Strambino, Italy — While vintage ATE systems fade away, Seica's legacy ATE replacement solution retains the investment on a Seica Valid state-of-the-art platform. Seica has invested many man-years in creating migration tools necessary to take old programs and fixtures from major ATE companies and migrating them to Seica's state-of-the-art test Valid platform.

Legacy ATE equipment which can be migrated include systems such as: GenRad, 179X, 227X, 2750; Fault Finder 101, 303; Factron 7XX series; Teradyne L200, L300, LASAR Simulation, Z18XX series; Computer Automation.

The company can supply software and hardware migration tools for outdated systems, taking advantage of emulation and advanced translation software techniques, including go-no-go, guided probe and fault dictionary diagnostic operations. This means a longer life cycle for systems, considerable cost savings and further reuse of existing fixtures and programs. This migration experience doesn't stop with outdated systems. The company currently has a variety of converters available to migrate some of today's existing ATEs as well.

In addition, the company emphasizes its dedicated attention to the specific product and support requirements of the mil-aero market. Though mil-aero customers deploy the same test techniques used in commercial applications, their requirements at the prototype, production, and field/depot maintenance stages are more rigid and cover a larger spread of technology and longer product life cycles. The company has significantly contributed to test development of LRU, SRU, CCAs programs and fixtures for the Tornado, AMX, EFA2000, F/A 18 and other major military programs acquiring a unique experience in a variety of languages (ATLAS, C++, tester specific).

For more information, contact: Seica Inc., 50A Northwestern Drive, Suite 10, Salem, NH 03079 603-890-6002 fax: 603-890-6003 Web:

See at ATE Booth #6300.

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