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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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Teknek: Contact Cleaning System
Contact cleaning rollers.
Inchinnan, Scotland — Teknek clean machines utilize specially formulated elastomer rollers which gently run in contact with the substrate surface. The rollers remove contamination down to 1 micron and transfer the dry unattached particles from the substrate onto an effective pre-sheeted adhesive roll. A powerful anti-static system prevents re-contamination of the board.

The CM8 is robustly engineered to cope with demanding production runs; its advanced and easy to use software offers a variety of operations for maximum production flexibility. A unique direct motor drive mechanism avoids the need for drive belts or chains to increase reliability and improves the speed of operation.

The unit is capable of cleaning a wide range of substrates and board thicknesses. The innovative Fast Pad is the first automatic cleaning station for hand rollers. Using sheeted adhesive rolls instead of the traditional large flat pad system, the Fast Pad is easy to use, cost-effective and dramatically improves yield. The process time to clean a substrate can be reduced by up to 50 percent and the number of repetitive actions required to use the roller are reduced without compromising quality; the Fast Pad still removes dry unattached particles down to one micron in size from a wide range of substrates including PC boards, SMT boards, LCDs and flat panels.

Designed to complement the company's DCR (Dust Cleaning Roller) range of hand-held contact cleaning rollers, the Fast Pad system ensures that all the surface area of the sheeted adhesive roll is fully utilized; 100 percent use of the area ensures no wasted pad is thrown away. Lightweight and simple to transport from one production point to another. It is available with the new ESD roller and silicon free filmic adhesive system to comply with clean-room regulations.

For more information, contact: Teknek, River Drive, Inchinnan Business Park, Inchinnan, PA4 9RT, Scotland, UK +44 (0) 141 568 8100 Web:

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