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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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Sunburst EMS Adds New Selective Soldering Capability
A.C.E. selective soldering system.
West Bridgewater, MA — Sunburst EMS, a flexible, full-service provider of electronics manufacturing services, has acquired new automated selective soldering processing for its PC board assembly facilities. The new KISS 102 system, manufactured by ACE Production Technologies (Spokane Valley, WA) gives Sunburst the ability to selectively solder through-hole components, odd form devices, connectors, and other devices on lead-bearing as well as lead-free soldered assemblies.

A.C.E. Production Technologies' KISS 102 Selective Soldering system provides programmable motion and a PC-based control system. The operating system is easy to use and provides the capability to program a virtually unlimited number of points or areas to be soldered and to store the parameters to be recalled as that job is set up again in the future. Swappable solder pots allow easily-interchangeable lead-bearing soldering and lead-free soldering without cross-contamination.

Andrew Chase, Sunburst President and CEO, said, "With the A.C.E. system, we have enhanced our production capacity; but more importantly, our ability to automate the process has brought greater consistency to the resulting solder connections, since the quality of the connection is no longer dependent on operator skill and variability."

For more information, contact: Sunburst EMS, 70 Pleasant Street, West Bridgewater, MA 02379 508-580-1881 Web:

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