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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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LCR Electronics: Best of Both Worlds
Cable and harness assembly in China.

LCR Electronics, Inc., specializes in the design, development and manufacture of standard and custom EMI filter solutions, electronic and motor controls, electromechanical assemblies, custom PC board assemblies and wire harnesses.

LCR has been manufacturing EMI filter solutions, coils and chokes, PC board assemblies and cable assemblies for over 20 years. Over the years, in order to offer our customers more value added capabilities we incorporated custom subsystem enclosures, backplanes, chassis enclosures, wire harnesses, motor controls and electronic controls into our product offerings. We design and manufacture our own standard and custom products for different industries and also provide contract manufacturing (build to print) and electronic manufacturing services. The company has two facilities, both of which are ISO9001:2000 certified. They are located in Norristown, Pennsylvania (USA) and in Kunshan, China.

U.S. Manufacturing Facility
At the Norristown, PA facility, LCR has a highly trained staff of electronics, electrical and mechanical engineers that specialize in EMC, subsystems, backplanes, Motor Controls and Electronic Controls. The 52,000 ft.2 facility houses our two test enclosures for EMC Testing, a complete metal fabrication shop, a 30,000 ft.2 manufacturing floor, wave soldering equipment, automatic and semiautomatic wire wrapping machines and other assembly equipment to help our customers meet their EMC, backplanes, subsystems, controls, PC board assembly and electronic contract manufacturing needs. With these capabilities, LCR's operation is fully vertically integrated, which allows us to provide our customers a minimum turnaround time. At the Norristown facility, LCR manufactures products for Military and Aerospace customers, low-to-medium volume products for commercial customers and other large facility filter (power line filters and communication filters). At this facility we can build products that we design as well as provide build-to-print services for military (systems, backplanes and EMI filters) customers. This facility also houses our corporate HQ including Engineering, Quality and Sales functions.

China Manufacturing Facility
In an effort to provide our high volume commercial customers more cost-effective and competitive products, LCR initiated its China operations in 2001 and opened its own Wholly Owned Foreign Entity (WOFE), LCR Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., near Shanghai, China.
Mounting through-hole components on PC boards.
Our LCR China facility manufactures standard and custom EMI filters, coils & chokes, electronic and motor controls and wire harnesses for our large volume commercial customers. We also use this facility for contract manufacturing (build to print), PC board assembly and electronic manufacturing services for our medium to large volume customers. This facility is fully staffed with design, development, testing and manufacturing engineers. This enables us to offer our customers design enhancements and cost improvements wherever possible.

LCR China has developed fully approved quality sources for all of its raw material and component needs and has a comprehensive sourcing database providing us with the capability to second source fully approved exact equivalents to most parts offering significant cost saving, lead time improvements and consistent quality. The standard, custom and build-to-print products/services that we offer out of our China facility are: EMI filters (RFI filters, EMC filters); electronic controls; motor controls; wire harnesses; cable assemblies; PC board assemblies; electromechanical assemblies; and electronic control boxes.

Cable Assemblies
LCR designs and manufactures small, medium and large wire harnesses of various complexities. Our cable assemblies range from one lead wire to multi-conductor multi-circuit wire harnesses. The company has also been involved in terminal standardization programs to take advantage of economies of scale and improved efficiencies. We currently manufacture wire harness for a variety of industries including portable tools, appliances, dispensing systems, medical, food equipment, telecommunications and computer products.

Since LCR offers EMI filters, motor controls, electronic controls and custom PC board assemblies as well, should our customer desire it, we can integrate any of these with wire harness or cable assemblies resulting in time, resource and economic savings.

PC Board Assembly
Our company has over 15 years of experience in PC board assembly which comes from manufacturing PC board mounted EMI filters for many customers. We have expanded this capability by the introduction of two new product lines — motor controls and electronic controls. We also offer our customers electronic contract manufacturing of fully assembled PC boards to their design (build to print). LCR offers PC board assembly in large and small volumes with capability to assemble thru-hole as well as surface mount (SMA) boards with 100 percent in-circuit testing if required. Should our customers require we can utilize our design and development capability to offer them design enhancements and cost improvements, wherever possible.

For our U.S. customers, our design and development center is at our Norristown, PA facility, where all the design and documentation takes place. The completed documentation package along with samples are then sent to our wholly-owned low-cost China facility which builds the production parts per the instruction and documentation received from our U.S. facility.

We have developed viable and quality sources, nearby in China, for all the components required for our products, enabling us to supply parts quickly and cost effectively to customer specifications. LCR China has also developed a comprehensive sourcing database providing us with the capability to second-source fully approved exact equivalents to most parts, thus offering significant cost savings, improved lead times, and consistent quality.

The China facility starts volumes production after the first article approval by LCR USA and the customer. All the parts produced by LCR China facility are 100 percent quality tested before getting shipped to LCR USA. At Norristown, these parts go through another round of incoming QC testing.

Products for our U.S. customers that are manufactured in our China facility can be inventoried in our Norristown facility and released in accordance with customer-scheduled needs. This affords our customers short lead times and high quality product conveniently located in the U.S., but at off-shore pricing.

Because our Norristown facility is the main contact point for all of our U.S. customers, we are able to offer them the unique feature of dealing with a U.S. company that can also provide quality products at competitive prices from its wholly-owned China facility.

For more information, contact: LCR Electronics, Inc., 9 South Forest Ave., Norristown, PA 19401 800-527-4362 or 610-278-0840 fax: 610-278-0935 E-mail: Web:

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