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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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Cobar Solder Intros SN100C Lead-Free Flux

Londonderry, NH — Cobar Solder Products has introduced a new flux system designed and reportedly proven to deliver excellent results with the SN100C Lead-free alloy. The new SN100C flux system is available in low VOC, VOC-free, and alcohol-based formulations, in solder paste form and also as paste ...Read More
Creform Offers Kitting Cart

Greer, SC — Creform® Corp. has developed what it describes as a new material handling concept that assists in transforming multi-part and component assembly tasks into organized and structured processed, to streamline operations for better efficiency and lower costs.Read More
Dalsa Intros Fast Line Scan Camera

Waterloo, ON, Canada — Dalsa Corporation has introduced its Spyder 3 CL line scan camera with Camera Link interface. According to the company, the Spyder 3 surpasses its predecessor, the Spyder 2 with three times more responsivity and twice the speed, without impacting noise levels. The camera's ...Read More
Epoxies, Etc. Intros Thermally Conductive Urethane

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. has introduced a new thermally conductive urethane, called 50-2366FR, which reportedly provides heat dissipation solutions for many electronic design engineers. Electronic components and assemblies are getting smaller and hotter. The challenge is to provide a potting ...Read More
Eraser: Film Insulation Removed by Twin Wheel Stripper

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model DV1 twin wheel wire stripper with integral dust collector is especially suitable for stripping magnet, enamel and film insulated wires from round, rectangular and square section wires. Insulations such as Formvar, ML, Dayglass, Isonel, Polythermaleze and many more can ...Read More
Flextrac: Plastic Chain Belt Conveyors

Cincinnati, OH — New Flextrac Plastic Chain Belt Conveyors from QC Industries can move heavier loads faster over longer distances than standard flat belt conveyors. With load capacities up to 500 lbs and speeds up to 375 feet per minute, the conveyors can meet the needs of almost any application ...Read More
Graco Intros Two Component Dispensing System

Minneapolis, MN — Graco has introduced the Liquid Control PR70, a new meter, mix, and dispense system. Built to handle medium-to-low viscosity materials, it is especially suitable for potting, gasketing, sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling. Read More
Heraeus Intros Water Soluble Ball Dip Paste

West Conshohocken, PA — Heraeus has introduced a new line of water-soluble ball dip pastes for solder on pad (SOP) substrates. The BD paste series enables manufacturers to utilize SOP substrates while maintaining outstanding yields. Since the convex surface of the SOP substrate causes solder ball ...Read More
I&J Fisnar Intros Lightweight Dispensing Valve

Fair Lawn, NJ — Newly introduced by I&J Fisnar, Inc., the CV629 lightweight dispensing valve is especially suitable for adhesives and silicones, and is small and light enough for handheld operations.Read More
JPSA Intros Automated Versatile Laser Workstation

Manchester, NH — J. P. Sercel Associates Inc. (JPSA) has introduced its new IX-4000 series laser workstation, available in both DPSS (solid state) and Excimer laser configurations. The new IX-4500 ChromaDice solid state laser machining system delivers high speed wafer singulation integrated with ...Read More
Kinetic Systems: Vibration and EM Isolation

Boston, MA — Vibration-isolation workstation accessories from Kinetic Systems, Inc. reportedly increase the comfort, convenience and versatility of the company's workstations. According to the manufacturer, each accessory has been designed for the end user, allowing personalized customization without ...Read More
OK International Enhances Fume Extraction Performance

Garden Grove, CA — OK International has enhanced its BVX-200 Fume Extraction System with brushless motor technology, which eliminates wearout of motor parts and significantly increases system lifetime in normal operation. According to the company, the system also delivers enhanced reliability, improved ...Read More
PennEngineering: Self-Clinching Steel Locknuts

Danboro, PA — PEM® TRI-DENT® self-clinching steel locknuts from PennEngineering incorporate a special locking feature to meet demanding locking performance requirements and promote reliability of locking threads for thin-metal component assemblies. The TRI-DENT locking feature can achieve locking ...Read More
Petroferm: High Reliability "Green" Cleaner

Gurnee IL — Petroferm Inc. now provides best-in-class cleaning solutions for demanding microelectronics and semiconductor applications. AXAREL® 32 is an advanced semi-aqueous material providing exceptional performance for high reliability wafer bumping, and component defluxing applications where high temperature ...Read More
Remstar Shuttle Controlled Access for Product Security

Westbrook, ME — The Remstar Shuttle® Vertical Lift Module (VLM) controlled access feature provides managers in electronic organizations additional control and accountability over stored items while saving up to 85 percent of their floor space. By using this feature, managers can control access ...Read More
Shrink Sleeve Printer from Phoenix Contact

Middletown, PA — Phoenix Contact has introduced the Thermomark W1 printer, a thermal transfer printer specifically designed to print on continuous reels of heat-shrink wire markers. The newest addition to the Marking Solutions line, the new printer allows users to dictate the overall length of the ...Read More
Silicone Lubricant from ITW Chemtronics

Kennesaw, GA — ITW Chemtronics® is introducing a new silicone lubricant for industrial lubricating applications, called HD Silicone Lubricant. The new lubricant provides severe environmental lubrication with a clear, odorless protective film. The lubricant is NSF H1 approved for use in food processing ...Read More
Static Solutions: Combo Data Tester in Foreign Languages

Marlborough, MA — The Ohm-Stat CT-8900 from Static Solutions, Inc. is the first combination tester to measure, record, print, and e-mail supervisors the exact resistivity value of each heelgrounder and wriststrap. The foolproof tester measures each foot and wrist strap individually and simultaneously in ...Read More
TechFilm Intros Thermally Conductive Adhesive Film

Billerica, MA — TechFilm, LLC has introduced T2581, a thermally conductive electrically isolating structural film adhesive specifically formulated for demanding high-temperature applications. According to the company, this new structural adhesive provides excellent thermal transfer performance coupled ...Read More
Techno Intros Line of CNC Routers

New Hyde Park, NY — Techno, Inc. is introducing its newest endeavor: CNC Cutting Tools, which will augment the company's line of CNC routers. The CNC routers have already met and exceeded thousands of customer production requirements. Read More
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