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Publication Date: 07/1/2007
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Unitek Benchmark Intros Next Gen Seam Welding System
Hermetic sealing welder.
Monrovia, CA — Unitek Benchmark, a division of Miyachi Unitek Corporation has introduced the AF8500 product family of seam-sealing welding machines with configurations for lid placement and tacking only, seam sealing only, or a complete lid placement and seam sealing system. Loaded with advanced materials, and solder pre-forms, it can be operated as a stand-alone unit or fully integrated into an environmental enclosure for a complete closed-loop hermetic sealing process.

Using Miyachi Unitek's Model HF25 inverter power supply, the AF8500 provides weld pulse shaping, programmable weld spot spacing and a 25kHz closed-loop feedback rate to achieve high process yields. The innovative programmable weld spot spacing feature enables the user to deliver more or less energy at the corners of parts to greatly reduce corner leaks.

As the microelectronics market requires firms to process a larger variety of parts with decreasing part sizes, the new machine offers a number of features which enable quick changeover from part to part along with the ability to accurately pick, place, and seal parts down to 3mm, including: a new high resolution vision system; easily adjustable tack electrode assemblies; increased rigidity on axis of motion for precise lid and electrode positioning; and reduced setup and alignment steps.

The company designs and manufactures a full range of resistance welding and reflow soldering power supplies, heads, monitors and accessories for both large scale and fine spot applications requiring precision metals joining, lasers and laser systems for welding and marking, and hermetic sealing systems, gloveboxes and environmental enclosures.

For more information, contact: Miyachi Unitek Corp., 1820 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 626-303-5676 fax: 626-358-8048 E-mail: Web:

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