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Publication Date: 07/1/2007
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PDF Solutions Intros a New Offering for Memory IC Manufacturers
San Jose, CA — PDF Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: PDFS), a provider of process-design integration technologies to enhance IC manufacturability, has released its new offering aimed at the IC memory market. The Memory Yield Enhancement solution is based on PDF Solutions' tools, methods, and services that have been proven to accelerate yield ramps and optimize mature yields in over 30 advanced CMOS process ramps to date. The new offering addresses the special challenges and constraints that Memory IC manufacturers face as they strive to reduce the duration of new node ramps and achieve higher mature yields during mass production.

According to the company, it has successfully deployed the Memory Yield Enhancement solution at Elpida Memory Inc., a Japanese DRAM manufacturer. The continuing engagement, which began in 2006, covers two advanced DRAM process nodes at Elpida's fab in Hiroshima, Japan and includes optimizing yield learning during both ramp and mass production. The Memory Yield Enhancement engagement encompasses deployment of the company's Characterization Vehicle® (CV®) Infrastructure combined with enhanced product engineering tools and methods tailored for Memory IC products, to more rapidly reduce yield loss due to random and systematic defectivity and process-design interactions. These tools and methods helped Elpida ramp DRAM yields faster than historical learning rates resulting in higher and more stable yields during subsequent mass production. PDF Solutions' Scribe CV methodology was particularly beneficial for Elpida's production environment since it leverages test structures embedded in the scribe area on existing product wafers. The large volume of data extracted from these product wafers provided insight into key yield loss mechanisms that would otherwise be very difficult to identify. PDF Solutions expects that Elpida will continue to rely on Scribe CV(r) data for equipment production control and prioritizing related engineering resources.

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