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Publication Date: 07/1/2007
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Components and Distribution
Controlling Reflow Oven Cooling Rates

The mandated removal of lead from the environment motivated the surface mount industry to search for a material to replace eutectic tin-lead solder. The new material had to be compatible with most of the existing components while maintaining good electrical conductivity, strength, and ...Read More
Embedding ICs Inside PC Boards

The idea of putting components inside the printed wiring board instead of on the surface of the board has been around for at least 30 years, although it has been limited to passive components such as the thin film resistive material made by Ohmega Technologies, and more recently the resistor ...
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Heavy Wire Bonding: New Standards, New Machines

Heavy wire bonding is always at risk from residual vibrations. The industry has long been aware of this problem and has been waiting for much needed improvements in heavy wire bonding technology. Movement of the bonder axes can cause the entire assembly to vibrate (residual vibrations) ...
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PC Board Makers Must Lead the Revolution

The PC board design cycle process can be divided into four capabilities quadrants: Knowledge; Tools; Libraries; and Manufacturing. At Sunstone, we liken these quadrants to an engineering ecology, or ECOsystem.
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Specifying Fluid Dispensing Equipment

Fluid dispensing and coating processes are required for many assembly and packaging operations. These processes provide combinations of electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties to components and assemblies for functionality or enhanced reliability. Common processes are surface ...Read More
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