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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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BTU: Air Reflow Furnace Reduces Maintenance
Air reflow furnace.
Billerica, MA — BTU's Pyramax 98 Air reflow furnace has proven to reduce preventive maintenance time by 75 percent during a 24/7 operation. Raising the standard of thermal performance even further with a maximum operating temperature of 350°C, the BTU Pyramax 98A, with optional nitrogen, provides the higher temperatures required for lead-free reflow while providing increased flexibility, low power consumption and reduced maintenance. Improved ergonomics, combined with the company's innovative cooling and flux management systems make the oven suitable to meet the demands of today's electronic assembly manufacturers.

The furnace incorporates the company's patented forced impingement technology for superior temperature uniformity. Optional closed-loop convection control maintains constant heat transfer and cooling rates ensuring process repeatability and to facilitate process transfer. The company has also produced "in field" a 75 percent reduction in preventive maintenance during a 24 hour/7 day operation through improved ergonomics.

A comprehensive range of options such as a hideaway retractable center support, Smart Product Tracking, automatic gas sampling and the provision of a 24-in. processing capability with easier configuration greatly improves flexibility and ensures that the furnace minimizes operating costs and reduces cost of ownership.

For more information, contact: BTU International, 23 Esquire Rd., North Billerica, MA 01862 978-667-4111 fax: 978-667-9068 Web:

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