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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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A-Tek Intros Asscon Vapor Phase Technology
Vapor phase reflow system.
Berthoud, CO — A-Tek is now offering Asscon Vapor Phase Technology, calling it the most versatile reflow system for lead- free and leaded applications.

The vapor phase process is enjoying a resurgence because of the process demands of Pb-free and the higher added-value of the PC boards being produced in the U.S. today. As more companies become aware and recognize the issues of protecting I.P. when sending their PC boards overseas, it is expected that a greater percentage of complex PC boards will remain with U.S. manufacturers.

With the added temperature peaks demanded by lead-free, the process for reflowing solder has become more stressful. Maintaining the peak temperature of a small resistor, while trying to reach a suitable liquidous period for larger adjacent device is very difficult. A percentage of these joints and parts will fail as a result of over- exposure to heat or cold soldering.

The vapor phase process addresses this issue immediately if it is employed as the primary reflow technology, since all parts reach the same peak temperature and so local differentials are non-existent. Vapor phase reflow also offers a great deal in rework operations. Bringing the circuit back to a liquidous state in a completely non- turbulent chamber allows the removal of and replacement of high mass and high value parts without exerting high levels of mechanical stress on the PC board or the parts due to local temperature differentials. The whole process is conducted in an oxygen-free environment allowing minimal or no fluxing, and the removal process is guaranteed not to take place until the joints are liquidous.

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