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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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Staubli Robotics Intros Compact SCARA Robot
Compact SCARA robot.
Duncan, SC — Staubli Robotics has introduced its compact RS40B SCARA robot. According to the company, the RS40B is one of a series of high-performance and packaging SCARA robots, with impressive speed, precision and load capacities from 2kg to 5kg and a reach of 400mm.

Additional similar models, the RS60 and RS80, provide 600 and 800mm reach and up to 8kg payload.

The new RS40B robot provides four-degrees of freedom, cast iron construction, electric servo-driven motors for reliability with excellent speed and repeatability. All of the company's robots come equipped with the CS8C controller, which is said to be the industry's most technologically advanced PC-based robot controller which is suited for applications that require complex process control.

The CS8 control platform uses the VAL3 programming language which is adapted to robotics and provides numerous possibilities to communicate with the outside world including Fieldbus, Ethernet, and ModBus for ease of integration and use. In addition, the SRS offline software suite offers other programming features that include an emulator, remote maintenance, 3-D Studio robot viewer, and program file transfer in a Windows environment.

These robust, four-axis SCARA robots are suitable for a wide variety of high-speed and precision applications including material handling, packaging, pick-and-place, and assembly.

For more information, contact: Staubli Corporation, Robotics Div., 201 Parkway West, Duncan, SC 29334. 800-257-8235. Web:

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