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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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Microsemi Adds to Dual Lamp Backlight Inverter Line
Irvine, CA — Microsemi Corporation has added three new modules to its StayLit backlight inverter family which is designed to ensure safe operation of dual-lamp cold cathode fluorescent displays if one lamp fails.

Safe continued operation that avoids overdriving the remaining lamp, and that maintains dimming capability, is particularly useful in patient monitoring equipment, ATM machines, point-of-sale terminals and similar applications found in the medical, industrial and commercial markets.

The StayLit inverter modules are designed for dual CCFL lamp LCD displays from 6.5 to 10-in. that use a common return wire. The three newest inverters are: LXMG1626-05-45 for 8 to 10-in. displays with 5V input supplies; LXMG1626-12-46 for 6.5 to 8-in. displays with 12V input supplies; and LXMG1626-12-46 for 6.5 to 8-in. displays with 5V input supplies.

These new products are in addition to the company's original StayLit module, the LXMG1626-12-45, which provides 12V input for 8 to 10-in. displays.

According to the company, the modules are based on its highly integrated LX1691B backlight controller which has been augmented by fault tolerant design and a fault output signal. They provide such safety and protective features as output open and short-circuit protection, automatic strike-voltage regulation and timeout. The modules provide 3 Watts output per lamp (6W per display) and incorporate the company's patented RangeMax digital dimming technology for wide-range flicker-free brightness control. Typical dimming ratio is 100:1+.

PanelMatch circuitry permits easy external programming of the output current, which allows the modules to fit a wide range of displays, simplifying the customer's supply chain.

The new modules measure 113mm long by 30mm wide and 6.5mm high. Their design supports a 5V or 12V input supply voltage and are rated for -30 to +80°C operation. All modules are RoHS-compliant and are UL-certified components to UL60950 (file E175910). The modules mate to JST BHR-04-VS-1, or equivalent, connectors.

For more information, contact: Microsemi, 2381 Morse Ave., Irvine, CA 92614 800-713-4113 or 949-221-7100 fax: 949-756-0308 Web:

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