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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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SEHO: Smart, Programmable Wave Soldering System
Versatile wavesoldering system.
Ashland, VA — SEHO PowerSelective "smart" wavesoldering system offers highly flexible selective soldering offering what the company calls absolutely reproducible results along with high solder quality.

The soldering system is provided with either a batch conveyor system or an inline conveyor system to be integrated into a fully automated production line and can handle assemblies up to 500 x 500mm. The machine may be equipped with a miniwave soldering unit and a dip soldering unit, thus covering both processes with only one machine with a small footprint.

To meet subsequent throughput requirements in the production, the PowerSelective may be augmented with separate fluxer and/or preheat modules which are installed in front of the machine. This arrangement is said to reduce the cycle time remarkably.

The machine's flexibility means that it can handle both bare boards and assembled boards in carriers.

The system uses a highly precise portal axis system with two x- and y-axis with servo-drive to ensure a reliable positioning of the assemblies and work with a repeatability said to be ±0.1mm. A spray monitoring system for the micro dropjet fluxer and a permanent touchless wave height control help to cut cycle times.

Teaching the solder joints is particularly easy: a camera is used to identify the solder joints and read their position into the software. The software then automatically recommends default values for solder direction and soldering angle, dwell time and soldering speed. For highly complex or difficult assemblies, the system offers an offline teaching program which leads the user through just 10 steps to get to the proper soldering profile.

For more information, contact: Seho USA, Inc., 325 L Hill Carter Parkway, Ashland, VA 23005 804-798-6000 fax: 804-798-5933. E-mail: sehousa@aol.com Web:

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