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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Electrovert Launches New Wave Soldering System
Wave soldering system.
Franklin, MA — Speedline Technologies has introduced its new Electrovert VectraES wave soldering system. This value leader brings innovation and process flexibility to the three main sub- systems of a wave soldering machine: the fluxer, preheat and solder module. As with all Electrovert systems, the VectraES provides lead- free capability and focuses on optimizing price/performance. A new, servo-controlled reciprocating spray fluxer, the

ServoSpray has an air atomized spray head, pressurized tank flux supply system, self-cleaning nozzle and the ability to spray in one or both directions with recipe control. Collectively, these special features enable the ServoSpray to deliver excellent hole penetration and spray uniformity with a wide range of fluxes.

The wave soldering system also includes the company's latest preheat technology, Low Mass Forced Convection. This easily maintained, one- piece module provides exceptional thermal performance minimizing cross-board, as well as top-to-bottom product temperature differentials, making it especially suitable for both through-hole and surface mount assemblies.

The latest in solder nozzle innovation, the company's UltraFill system, enables users to overcome a variety of process challenges inherent in lead-free wave soldering. The nozzle is 40 percent wider than traditional tin/lead nozzles, and it provides increased contact and dwell time. When used in a dual wave application, the distance between the chip and main wave is significantly reduced, minimizing temperature drop between the waves. For additional flexibility, a shroud enables the UltraFill nozzle to be run in either air or nitrogen configurations per the selected recipe. According to the company, the nozzle provides optimized lead-free assembly, improved hole fill, reduced bridging, and up to a 40 percent reduction in dross generation.

Subsystem flexibility and capability offer process yield improvements, increased throughput and a reduction in cost of ownership.

For more information, contact: Speedline Technologies, 16 Forge Park, Franklin, MA 02038 508-520-0083 fax: 508-520-2288 E-mail: Web:

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