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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Sealant Equipment Intros Automatic Snuf-Bak Valve
Automatic snuf-back dispensing valve.
Plymouth, MI — Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.'s new Model 2200-033-011 Automatic Snuf-Bak Dispense Valve is especially suited for high volume fluid control and fast shut-off of viscous materials such as polyurethanes, epoxies, silicones, greases and various cohesive (stringy) and thixotropic adhesives and sealants.

The pneumatically actuated valve opens and closes its material passage in the base of the nozzle adapter to precisely start and stop material flow. The needle pulls backward during shut-off which quickly breaks the flow of material to prevent stringing.

Material is delivered to the High Volume Snuf-Bak valve by either a metering assembly or under regulated pressure from supply pumps or tanks. Precise volume is dispensed by either a precision shot-meter, timer control panel or trigger-on time remote signal.

The valve is designed with two 3/8-in. NPT and two 3/4-in. NPT inlet ports to adapt to nearly any hose or pipe size. The 1/2-in. NPT outlet port accepts virtually any standard or custom plastic or metal dispense nozzle, also available from the company.

The unusual dispensing valve has multiple mounting methods including dual screw and dowel fixturing and slide bracket fixturing. These two methods provide pin-point accuracy of the dispense tip when re- mounting the valve.

For more information, contact: Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc., P.O. Box 70146, Plymouth, MI 48170 734-459-8600 fax: 734-489-8686 E-mail: Web:

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