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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Huntsman Intros Innovative Line of Adhesives
The Woodlands, TX — A comprehensive series of high-strength epoxy and polyurethane adhesives for the encapsulation, insulation and bonding of electronic components as well as printed circuit boards is now available from Huntsman Advanced Materials. The Araldite® adhesives provide manufacturers with the handling and performance properties they need to cost-effectively encapsulate and assemble electronic automotive components such as ignition coils, safety sensors and infotainment controls.

The adhesives are also fast becoming the materials of choice for bonding miniature, high- speed circuitry for telecommunications equipment and printed circuit boards for medical devices and other general industrial parts. According to the company, advanced Araldite epoxy adhesives for bonding and potting of electronic components are RoHS-compliant, UL- recognized, high-temperature materials that have excellent chemical and moisture resistance along with good dielectric characteristics. The room temperature and elevated temperature-curing products offer low shrink and good sag resistance, producing long lasting encapsulation and joints on metals and thermoplastics. The adhesives are formulated with a broad range of work lives — from products with long open times to ultra-fast setting systems for rapid assembly and repairs.

The polyurethane materials formulated for electronics applications are UL-recognized, high-temperature systems that combine flexibility with good lap shear strength. The materials are particularly well suited for bonding hard-to-join thermoplastic substrates and encapsulating pressure-sensitive components. Like the epoxy systems, polyurethane adhesives are sag resistant and cure at room temperature or, for faster cycling, at elevated temperatures. The innovative epoxy and polyurethane adhesives are available in convenient, dual-barrel cartridges as well as bulk packaging for automated mixing/ dispensing.

For more information, contact: Huntsman Electronics, 10003 Woodloch Forest Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77380 800-369-2089 or 281-719-6000 E-mail:, Web:

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