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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Dynatech Intros Samsung Advanced Flexible Assembler
High-speed assembler.
Horsham PA — Samsung has broken the speed barrier for mid- range production systems with the SM321 Series. According to the company, the machine places at a speed of 21,000 CPH with ±50µm accuracy, based on the IPC 9850 parameters. The assembler reportedly reaches a new high for systems in its class. QFPs and BGAs are placed at speeds up to 5,500 CPH with accuracy stated at ±30µm accuracy. The SM321XLB handles boards up to 20 x 24-in. at production speeds thanks to the next-generation high resolution flying vision system and enhanced board handling capabilities.

According to the company, the new SM321XLB builds on its SM Series SMT equipment with a host of enhancements designed to improve the customer's ability to build quality product. Board assemblers can build large and small boards on the same line. The system fits well into existing and new SMT lines where board size and speed are needed in a flexible line that can increase production yields with an acceptable capital investment.

The machine uses a low-mass head mechanism with high speed motor to deliver a stable motion platform for consistent, on-target placements. The board-transport system has an enhanced drive system with ultra flat handling system that safely moves large PC boards and thin, flexible substrates.

The SM321XLB is configured for the company's SM Series slim format tape feeder system, which is designed and built to handle industry standard EIA 481 tape sizes, and holds a maximum of 120 8mm feeders. The tape feeder monitors the inventory on its supply reel, notifying the operator before replenishment is needed. A one-touch clamping feature allows users to replace tape feeders during operations to maximize productivity, while the system's endless-discharge method for non-stop operation provides efficiency, reliability and repeatability of component pickups. Operators can choose to splice a new reel of components to the existing feeder without interrupting production. The SM feeder is available in both standard and Intelligent (IT) feeder system configurations, which reportedly adds complete lot tracking and inventory management capabilities to the assembler.

Built-in Optimizer software ensures high-efficiency machine operation by automatically optimizing the placement sequence. The optional EasyOLP line balancing software increases overall line productivity by balancing feeders across multiple assembly system while optimizing placement routines.

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