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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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AmTech Intros Ultrasonic Solar Panel Welder
Ultrasonic welding system.
Danbury,CT — AmTech has introduced a new welding system to the Ultraseamproduct offering, the Ultraseam20 Ultrasonic Solar Panel Seam Welder Turnkey System. This semiautomatic manufacturing system was specifically developed to address the needs of solar panel manufacturers. During production, parts to be welded are placed into a fixture aligning the parts with the welding tool. This fixture can accommodate copper tubing and collector panels of varying sizes. Once the cycle is initiated, the Ultraseam20 welder moves downward onto the preassembled panel assembly where precise pressure and ultrasonic energy are applied. The configuration modules are customizable to a maximum of 3 meters, depending on material thickness and hardness.

Key features include: true metallurgical bonds provide excellent heat transfers; true mechanical process — no electric current passes through the work piece and no melting occurs; suitable for welding similar or dissimilar electrical grade alloys and nonferrous metals of varying thickness; lower cost per weld compared to other methods for metal joining; superior tool life; welding variables can be precisely monitored and controlled providing consistent results; energy efficient; and easy to set up and operate.

For more information, contact: AmTech Ultrasonics Corp., 41 Eagle Rd., Danbury, CT 06813-1961. 203-796-0400 fax: 203-796-9838. E- mail: Web: or

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