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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Precision Laser Machinery Alignment from Pinpoint
Laser machinery alignment system.
Newburyport, MA — Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced its precision, machinery alignment kit for use in factories and manufacturing facilities for parallelism. This New Dual-Axis Alignment kit includes a new laser squaring attachment called the 90-Line for checking machine beds, vertical cutting machinery, roll parallelism, squaring slides and gantries, and measuring geometric parameters.

The kit and the 90-Line are compact, easy to set up, and highly versatile for use in many industries. Customers have used the 90-Line in shipbuilding applications, aligning rollers on converting and laminating lines, positioning parallel rails for precision slides, and checking milling and cutting tools.

The laser beam enters the 90-Line through a port in the front and exits out a side port at precisely 90° to the incoming beam. Special internal optics allows operators to place the 90-Line anywhere along the laser path and establish precise right angle references.

By rotating the front nosepiece, the right angle laser beam will swing through a full plane for checking the squareness of machine parts and surfaces. The 90-Line can create multiple references and is well-suited for checking the parallelism of slides, rails, machine tracks, rollers, shafts, and other mechanical elements. The 90-Line has a locking mechanism for pre-set positions and a friction lock to hold the beam in place. The housing is machined from solid aluminum with a hard anodized coating and many threaded points allow for quick and easy mounting.

For more information, contact: Pinpoint Laser Systems, 3 Graf Rd., No. 14, Newburyport, MA 01950 800-757-5383 or 978-462-8056 fax: 978-462-3561 E-mail: Web:

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