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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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PI Intros Hybrid Nanoprecision Linear Stage
Nanopositioning stage and controller.
Auburn, MA —PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. is now offering the M-511.HD hybrid nanopositioning translation stage. The new hybrid system overcomes the limitations of conventional precision positioning systems by combining the piezo-flexure-drive advantages of unlimited resolution and rapid response with the long travel ranges and high holding forces of a servo-motor/ballscrew arrangement. Typical applications include: nano-metrology, surface inspection, microscopy, laser technology, and interferometry.

The new stage combines advantages of piezo-flexure drives and DC-servo/ballscrew drives: long travel ranges to 100mm; 4 nanometer linear encoder resolution; reliable execution of nanometer level increments; millisecond settling time to nanometer accuracy; active compensation of stick/slip during startup and settling; active backlash compensation; excellent velocity control; 100kg load capacity; high holding forces with minimum power consumption. The highly specialized C-702 hybrid nanopositioning controller reads the stage position from an integrated, 4nm resolution linear encoder and continuously actuates both the piezoelectric and servo motor drives in a way to provide the best possible overall performance. Due to its high stiffness and instantaneous, sub-millisecond response, the integrated piezo flexure drive provides active stick/slip compensation during startup and settling. It also improves velocity control and is the key to achieving consistent and repeatable nanometer level positioning increments.

According to the company, the hybrid controller is equipped with an unusual high-speed encoder interface and can handle encoder count rates of 100 million pulses per second without missing a single count. Because of its real-time operating system, the intricacies of the hybrid drive are completely transparent to the user. Interface to the host computer is via TCP/IP or RS-232; this interface makes it possible to operate and monitor the system over any TCP/IP- compatible network (intranet/internet).

For more information, contact: Physik Instrumente L.P., 16 Albert St., Auburn, MA 01501 508-832-3456 fax: 508-832-0506 E-mail: Web:

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