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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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JPSA Offers Select Optics for UV Laser Systems
Select laser optics.
Hollis, NH — J P Sercel Associates (JPSA Laser) has introduced a wide variety of custom and select optics for deep-UV excimer and UV-DPSS lasers and beam delivery systems. The company's select optical products are made from premium UV-grade fused silica, calcium fluoride and magnesium fluoride materials. All optics are 100 percent inspected in the company's optical testing lab. JPSA manufactures its own brand of multi-element imaging lenses — an in-house comprehensive optics design capability that gives the company the ability to use many stock lenses or to design new lenses for specific applications, including drilling and micromachining micron-scale features. Company engineers have developed F2 laser, optics, calorimetry, and beam delivery technology, allowing the company to offer comprehensive testing of VUV optics and materials processing services at 157nm.

The company works with a select group of optics fabricators and coating houses to create optics with much tighter tolerances and longer lifetimes than those available from the catalog houses. It operates a high-volume UV laser job shop; consequently, it doesn't merely supply optics, but uses the same optics in its own demanding production environment.

DUV Select Optics products available from JPSA include, but are not limited to: high resolution telecentric lenses — 4X demag, 3.5mm FOV, 1µm resolution; 5X demag, 20mm FOV, 5µm resolution; 10X demag, 2.5mm FOV, 2µm resolution; spherical and cylindrical singlet lenses with surface figures of 1/10 wave, 10-5 scratch dig. Plano convex and plano concave optics are available in a variety of focal lengths: energy monitor beam splitters. VUV/UV grade magnesium fluoride resonator optics: front windows and rear mirrors; acid resistant coatings; exacting wedge specifications and tolerances for superior beam quality.

Also available are turning mirrors with "superpolished" surfaces and high damage, high power, long life coatings; telescopes, beam expanders, and condensers; beam shapers to match the laser beam to a mask with >95 percent beam utilization; beam splitters; partial reflectors and geometric dividers; dielectric laser masks for use with excimer, CO{S#}2, and YAG; variable beam attenuators; multi- layer dielectric high reflection and anti-reflection coatings for 308nm, 248nm, 193nm, and 157nm wavelengths at any angle of incidence.

For more information, contact: JPSA, 17D Clinton Dr., Hollis, NH 03049 603-595-7048 fax: 603-598-3835 Web:

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