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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Pulizzi Intros Power Control & Enviro Monitor Strips
Power control strips.
Santa Ana, CA — Pulizzi Engineering, Inc. has introduced its IPV42/70 Series Intelligent Power Controllers. This new series is available in both 42 and 70-in. vertical power strips. According to the company, this power distribution series provides individual on/off/reboot control of up to 24 AC power receptacles. The product allows remote power monitoring of both voltage and current. The current is also displayed on a local 2-digit current meter. The optional environmental sensor kit allows the device to read temperature and humidity.

Additional inputs allow for the connection of switches to sense door closures, airflow and many other closure-based monitoring devices. The control and monitoring is accomplished via Ethernet (TCP/IP) or serial (RS232) connections. The network interface can be accessed with a web browser, telnet or with SNMP management software. The software interface is customizable allowing for unit naming, outlet naming, sensor naming and multiple user login/passwords.

The power controller is suitable for data centers or remote site management. The flexible software can be set up to send either SNMP traps or e-mail alerts notifying the system manager of a problem. These alerts can include over/under voltage, current, temperature, humidity or outlet status changes. The network manager can then remotely connect to the device to get real time information and perform control functions. Other software features include automatically scheduling outlet on/off events, DHCP, secure web server and password protection.

The controller is an industrial grade power distribution unit designed for rack and computer enclosures. It comes in two configurations. The 42-in. version has 8 outlets and measures 2 x 1.89-in. The 70-in. version has either 16 or 24 outlets and is 2- x 1.89-in. This new series is part of the company's "design your own" products — a variety of outlet and current configurations, including 120 and 208V, 15, 20, and 30 amp.

The IVP 70 is also available in 3 phase power input for increased power density allowing up to 5760 VA of power from one device. Power output options include IEC C13 "computer style" receptacles or NEMA 5-15R "standard three prong" receptacles.

For more information, contact: Pulizzi Engineering, Inc., 3200 S. Susan St., Santa Ana, CA 92704-6865 800-870-2248 or 605-334-8999 fax: 605-334-4999 E-mail: Web:

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